Bradley Williard is an expert in the field of breath and voice and is the founder and creator of Unlock Your Breath™, Voice Empowerment Breathwork. He has dedicated over 25 years to understanding the function of breath and its coordination with the voice and body.

Bradley’s research and method is based on looking at the quality of one’s voice as a reflection of the unique coordination between the mind, body, and voice. He has found that in order for this coordination to work efficiently and to discover true authenticity, one must let go of playing ‘roles’ in their life and embrace vulnerability. Through experiencing the breath, he has discovered a new coordination that optimizes one’s vocal and inner resonance, while producing a true mind-body-voice connection.

He has trained at the Ilse Middendorf Institute for the Perceptible Breath® in Berlin, Germany and under the tutelage of John Norris with Body-Mind-Voice, Berlin. Bradley has also studied the principles of Breathing Coordination by Dr. Carl Stough with Lynn Martin. He completed his doctoral studies at the University of Kentucky and holds degrees from Manhattan School of Music and UNC School of the Arts. Bradley has also served on the administration of both Manhattan School of Music and The Juilliard School.


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