My journey has been one of many ups and downs, one of extreme bliss and extreme sadness, all of which has brought me to a place of gratitude, knowledge, and expertise. I have lived the questions below, I have struggled to answer them, and it is these questions that have opened my heart, breath, and voice.

Question #1: Who are you?

Who are You? Don’t tell me your age, occupation, gender or race. Don’t tell me what you identify with, tell me who you are. Better yet, tell yourself who you are. Let me tell you who I am… I am someone that loves life and is passionate about creating change in the world and in people’s lives. I am love, joy and hope. I am someone who does my best, who lives life with integrity, and who inspires others to see that they too, are all these amazing things. So… who are you?

Question #2: Why is it so hard to love yourself?

We spend all our time trying to love everyone else and we put our value in other people’s opinions, when the most important opinion is the one we hold of ourselves. You are the most important and influential person in your life, your career, and your journey. You have the possibility and the right to live an amazing life and reach your fullest potential. Don’t make loving yourself so hard. You deserve love because you are love.

Question #3: Why don’t you believe you’re great?

The things that make you feel awkward are the very things that make you great. Embrace all of who you are in this life. Embrace every part of you that makes you different from everyone else. This is what makes you stand out, but only you have the ability to make it shine.

Question #4: What do you want?

Knowing what you want is knowing what inspires you. As we become inspired, we give life to the motivation that brings us into action. Giving those desires a voice, feeling those desires in our body, and becoming excited about the possibility of those desires coming true, is sometimes all we need to break free from the beliefs that are holding us back.

Question #5: Are you ready?

You will be ready when you accept that you are already ready. There is always going to be more to learn and mistakes to be made. By putting yourself out there and showing up as your authentic-self, you make the choice to see life through the eyes of someone who is open to possibility, someone who wants to improve and learn, and someone who is ready to step into their power.

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